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Goods for outdoor activities on the water JOBE

JOBE was founded in 1974 in the Netherlands, its founder Jeff Job is a professional skier in the past. In 1985 the company Jobe Sports International was founded. For many years the company has grown and started to trade internationally. A new direction in the development of the brand was made by Den Bol, who joined the company Jobe Sports International in 2008, and since then the new era of Job has begun.

Now the company JOBE specializes in products for active sports and recreation on the water: water skis, wakeboards, weekskates, vejkserfy, nibordy, SUP-boards and universal boards OMNIA. Large selection of inflatable towed water rides. Also in the range there are life jackets, wetsuits, helmets, gloves, goggles, boardwalks, bathing suits and casual clothes.

By developing water sports, JOBE sponsors numerous events. Job also has a large team of sponsored athletes who represent the brand.

If you love all the new bright, fashionable, high-quality and modern - then JOBE - your choice!

Ride with pleasure with JOBE!